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Assalamu’alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh…

Hey all 😀

I am going to tell you about myself…

This is a story about me…

Story by Me

Story by Me

I am just a creation of The Great Creator, Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala. Just an ordinary people who try to think differently than other people.

First kid from the only kid in the family. haha

I am the only kid, have no brother or sister. Just have about two Cousins. One is just about two years younger than me. The other one is still waiting in mommy tummy :3

Hope he or she will be born normally and health both. Amiiiiiiin o:)

I live in a simple family. Still single and do not have anyone yet hahaha If anyone here is want to know me more, just contact me personally…  😉

Hahahaha you can take that seriously or just a joke, that is fine :’)

But, live lonely as the only child, have no brother or sister was really hard. Just alone, stay at home when I have no friends around. It is so booooorrreeeeeddd dude! But, I take it usually from about 9 or 10 years old. My father was a civil servant, but he is retiring now.

And my mother is a housewife. As a civil servant wife in Indonesia, my mom have to do the usually civil servant wife or usually called Dharma Wanita do. And usually, I left by my mom when the event was held.

So… I usually live alone and being independent… Alhamdulillah. 😀

And when I was 16, the transition time from second to third grade in high school. I was joining Pendidikan Dasar Wanadri or usually called PDW. That was in 2010. Wanadri is a Mountain and Jungle Explorer Association. Their base in Bandung, at Aceh st. number 155.

Logo PDW 2010

Logo PDW 2010

I am almost dropped out from school. That day I was warned by the School Principal. When I was joined that PDW thing, I threatened dropping out of school. Because I will be leaving school about three weeks. And I can not give that event for being a reason, that I leaving school for three weeks.

But, I promise my School Principal. That I will pass that PDW. And if I passed PDW, then I will be able to pass the National Test. And Alhamdulillah, I PASS all of it 😀

Pelantikan PDW 2010

Pelantikan PDW 2010

Pelantikan Pendidikan Dasar Wanadri 2010

That was the most exciting moment in my life…..

So, I think day by day will be bright when a smile is always on your face. And always try to keep saying ALHAMDULILLAH in every day. Do not forget to be happy and smile. 🙂


Keep on smiling